What We Learned from Three Months of Inbound Marketing

June 24, 2015 Resources

Inbound marketers must balance SEO, content creation, lead generation, social media, blogging and analytics – just to name a few. I know, you must be thinking that inbound marketing sounds like an uphill battle; that’s basically what I was thinking when my colleague and I decided to revamp our marketing strategy and switch marketing automation providers. Not to mention, we needed to rally our company to get on board with a new plan that we knew would take a long time to show ROI.

We quickly realized there was a disconnect in our current marketing strategy and what we advise our customers to do with their marketing programs. Prior to moving our marketing automation to HubSpot, we were unclear where our marketing was succeeding, where it was losing, and where it was just suspended in midair. For a marketer, this is like climbing Mt. Everest in a blizzard with a piano on your back and flip-flops on your feet.

It’s now been over three months of developing our inbound marketing program. So, what have we learned, how did we do it, and will we continue with this approach?

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