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The writers and editors we select are business veterans. Most have worked for decades in publishing and strategic marketing. Many have spent years inside business. Some come from management consulting; others have backgrounds in industrial manufacturing, energy, law, defense, financial services, or technology.

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Projects run late for all kinds of reasons. Your executives always have to put their clients first. Or maybe someone is out sick.
No worries: Ergo Editorial puts the start back in start-stop. Our team approach ensures continuous resourcing of your critical projects.

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John Kerr

John Kerr

Founder & Principal

As founder and leader of Ergo Editorial, John has assembled an ace team of business…

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Mary Brandt

Mary Brandt


Mary Brandt oversees Ergo Editorial’s corporate processes, coordinating project management and editorial support of writers…

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Jeff Garigliano

Jeff Garigliano


Jeff Garigliano is the editorial operations lead for Ergo Editorial, where he works with clients…

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Deciding Who Makes Thought Leadership Happen

August 13, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

Take a lesson from Abbott & Costello: When you’re creating thought leadership content, it does matter who’s on first, second, and third. 

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Why Great Thought Leadership Isn’t About The Clever Words

July 16, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

I want to kill off the myth that all it takes is a great writer to create killer strategic content for businesses. The truth is, you could hire the world’s best writer from any era and they would probably fail in our line of work.

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Why Marketers Must Be Better Vetters

June 11, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

In just 10 minutes, marketers can vastly improve the quality of the thought leadership content they’re producing. Here’s how…

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Six Ways to Make Thought Leadership More Effective

May 29, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

A new study by Edelman and LinkedIn reveals that 58% of respondents said thought leadership directly led decision makers to award business to an organization. More startling: 29% decided not to award business to a company based on its thought leadership.

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What Ought to Happen Before Thought Leadership Happens

May 15, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

The Scouts have had it right all along. That whole “Be Prepared” thing?  It applies just as much to thought leadership.

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No, Let’s Keep Saying “Thought Leadership”

April 11, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

A week or so ago, I reposted a pointed critique of the term “thought leadership.” Then I realized I’d become part of the howling mob.

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