The State of Content Marketing 2015

June 23, 2015 Resources

The reinvention of marketing is a road, not a door.

We’ve certainly had a few adventures over the last year as we’ve helped enterprises of all sizes work through elements of their content marketing journeys. One of the biggest insights I’ve had is how many of the content marketers come to success with absolutely no idea when they crossed over from “struggle” to “success.” It’s as if one day they just woke up and realized they’ve been operating in a completely different way and, yeah, it’s working.

But more and more when I see marketing departments struggle with the start of the approach of content marketing, it’s simply because they’re applying the same old marketing structures, rules, processes, and tactics – layering in content “assets” to power it. Content marketing simply becomes another “campaign support team” – in which case someone finally (and rightly) asks “How is this different than the other campaign support teams?”

It’s not. We have to change.

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