The Global Retail Store is Dead, Claims BCG

January 31, 2015 News

New York and Milan were among the global cities ranked as “understored,” meaning that there there are too few stores to meet consumer demand, while Beijing, Bangkok and Chengdu, China were among the global cities ranked as “overstored” in a new report from the Boston Consulting Group.

The “Shock of the New Chic: Dealing with New Complexity in the Business of Luxury” report asserts that consumer interests are fragmented along far too many lines for a brand to have identical stores in different locations. Also, the nomadic nature of luxury consumers forces brands to reassess the nature what each store should achieve.

“If I had to simplify in one word, I would say complexity,” said Jean-Marc Bellaiche, BCG senior partner, New York. “We believe that the global store is dead.

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