John Kerr

Founder & Principal

As founder and leader of Ergo Editorial, John has assembled an ace team of business management and technology editors and writers selected not only for their craft skills and ability to collaborate but also for their focus on helping consultants build business through the best expression of their great ideas.

In previous lifetimes, John led content development for five practice areas at the global management consultancy Bain & Co., crafting articles for The Financial Times, Journal of Business Strategy, European Business Forum, and others. He also conceived and managed strategic marketing campaigns at IT consulting firm Cambridge Technology Partners.

Prior to that, John was the senior editor at Inc., the magazine for growing businesses, and the vice president of editorial products at The Sentry Group, a venture-backed provider of IT consulting and content services. Under his stewardship as editor-in-chief at Electronic Business and then Electronics Purchasing, those publications won awards for editorial excellence. Through all these roles, John has gained decades of experience in writing and editing about business, the economy and technology.

John earned his B.Sc. Honours in mechanical engineering from Queen’s University Belfast, where he worked as an engineer in heavy and light industry in his homeland of Northern Ireland. These days, that background barely equips him to change the oil in his own car.