Jan Koch

For more than 20 years, Jan has been helping global thought leaders in business, academe, and the public sector advance their ideas. As a writer and editor (and president of Westward Eye, LLC), her clients include leading management consultancies, research organizations, publications, and independent authors.

Jan covers a wide range of topics and industries, including people management, transformation, supply chain, autonomous vehicles, outsourcing, M&A, consumer goods, mining, technology, and financial services. A former columnist for Institutional Investor, Jan served for a decade as editor of a leading Harvard newsletter and before that, as director of programs for institutional money managers. She has ghostwritten and edited books and consulted on corporate e-learning products for Harvard Business Publishing.

A longtime resident of the Rocky Mountains, Jan likes to think that living in remote, high-altitude places gives her a fresh perspective on the world. She is passionate about jazz, dogs, horses, and cooking. When not in Wyoming, she, her husband, and two dogs are on the Olympic Peninsula restoring a wooden schooner. Jan holds a B.A. in French literature from Yale University and has studied at Columbia University and the Sorbonne.