Harris Collingwood

Harris Collingwood specializes in translating good ideas into engaging, persuasive publications, and his bylined work has also appeared in Inc, The New York Times Magazine, the Atlantic, and elsewhere. Harris has held senior editorial posts at BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, Worth, The Harvard Business Review, Forrester, and The Week, sharing in three National Magazine Awards along the way. Whether developing content from scratch, turning a deck of slides into a compelling report, or polishing a near-final manuscript, he brings to each project a thorough grounding in business, technology, and finance. A graduate of Harvard College, Harris spends his free time volunteering at The Philadelphia Little Shul, the city’s last surviving row-house shul, making music, cooking, or catering to the whims of a fat rabbit named Hoppipolla, the majordomo of Fat Rabbit Editorial Services.