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Ergo Editorial connects you to a universe of highly experienced and talented writers and editors who help thought leaders get the ideas out of their heads and into the hands of their customers and prospects. Those editorial pros create strategic content that makes marketing campaigns far more effective. If you’ve got a big idea you want your target readers to know about, they’ll give the idea the impact it needs to get attention—and hold it.

Who needs this stuff and why?

Business leaders need thought leadership content. So do consultants. So do subject-matter experts of all stripes. Marketers too.

They need premium content because they understand that big ideas, expressed well, cut through the noise to bolster their brand equity, tap new markets, and strengthen relationships with clients, partners, and employees.

What kind of stuff?

Ergo Editorial brings you the talented professionals who write, edit and advise on articles, white papers, blogs, speeches, and much more. It’s big stuff and little stuff, from research-based reports that take weeks to blurbs and teasers that take minutes.

Our editorial experts meet your subject-matter experts at any point on the content development spectrum: they can start with the merest ideas -- or with detailed outlines or drafts your experts have already drafted.

Our tagline says it all: “The best expression of your great ideas”

What We Deliver

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  • Point of view articles

    Timely mid-sized pieces that express a big idea clearly and crisply, and are flexible enough to be used in a variety of channels.

  • White papers

    In-depth guides on the topics that matter most to your firm and your customers.

  • Mini books

    In-depth content viewed from multiple angles and portioned into easily consumed chapters.

  • Case studies

    Real-world scenarios that shine the spotlight on your solutions to clients’ challenges.

  • Bylined articles

    Expert commentary that cements your credibility—in the media your target audience reads.

  • Research reports

    Your data and the stories behind it, packaged to inform and influence your clients.

  • Speechwriting

    Your ideas, in your voice, targeted to your audience and built to hold their attention.

  • Video Scripts

    Compelling stories that inspire and influence your audience.

  • Blog posts

    Powerful perspectives that strengthen your authority and expand your social reach.

  • Website content

    Engaging pages and promos that attract and inform your customers.

  • Layout and design

    Using your design templates and protocols (or developing new ones) to lay out text and graphics in the most attractive ways.


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  • Editorial calendar planning

    Mapping out the editorial elements of your strategic marketing campaign in practical, economical ways.

  • Editorial best practices

    Applying best practices to avoid common pitfalls, accelerate thought leadership delivery, and minimize costs.

  • Content quality audits

    Gauging the impact of your thought leadership content compared to that of your competitors.

  • Copy editing

    Ensuring that your best ideas are expressed with correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and more—and all adhering to your brand guidelines.

  • Fact checking

    Making sure that all names, dates, statistics, calculations, citations, and more are absolutely correct.

  • Thought leadership workshops

    Customized, hands-on programs on topics from strategy through execution.

  • One-on-one executive coaching

    Personalized coaching for select thought leaders on your team.

  • Thought leadership webinars

    Online programs that extend training to a larger audience.

  • Team training

    A multi-session approach to turn your junior associates into a strong bench of thought leaders.

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If it’s to do with envisioning, prototyping, proposing, developing,
refining, or planning strategic content, we’re all over it.


We're different from the rest

Creating high-impact content calls for much more than polished wordcraft or a keen nose for news. It doesn’t spring naturally from a degree in English Lit or years as a reporter or magazine editor. It comes from an approach that’s all about business – your business.

  • Our writers’ approach starts with dumb questions…

    • Why do you want to publish this now, this year?
    • Which competitors have published most on this topic?
    • How is your argument different – and stronger?
    • How would you sum it up for a target reader in a 30-second elevator ride?
    • What data do you have to defend your argument?
    • What examples can you cite to bring the story to life?
  • … follows a smooth process..

    The writers and editors we’ve selected use a proven publishing practices– with your resources and budget very much in mind.

    As with any business process, publishing gets derailed when roles and responsibilities are unclear, when dogma overshadows discussion, and when governance of the process is weak. Our experienced editorial pros keep things on track and on time.

  • …and it’s not over until it’s over

    Throughout the publishing process, Ergo Editorial’s writers and editors listen with both ears open. They check in regularly to stay alert to changes as the project unfolds, and to make sure you’re getting what you need. It’s all part of treating your publishing priorities as real business priorities.

Content may be king – but process is the prince.

Clever Clients

Our clients are busy C-suite executives and senior partners – and the marketing and publishing professionals who support them. Most of those business leaders are in top-tier management consulting firms, but they’re also in technology firms, academia, and the finance world.

What they share

All of our clients have something in common: they live and breathe big ideas. Those ideas are crucial components of their market positioning. For many, the ideas are the primary way they convey their experience, insights and action orientation to their clients and prospects.

What they need

Our clients think up big ideas – but writing about them is a different matter. They need “story doctors” who can take the outlines of those ideas and turn them into powerful, persuasive messages. Who confidently provide constructive critiques. Who help package those ideas to suit all the channels through which their clients and prospects consume strategic content.

That’s where Ergo Editorial comes in.

…and a bunch of other big names you most certainly have heard of…


Creative Crew

We’re not what you imagine when you think of “writers.” Ergo Editorial is a premier “talent agency” that stands apart from typical solo freelance writers in all sorts of ways that benefit you. Here’s a glimpse of who we are:

All about impact

With Ergo Editorial, you get far more than “wordsmiths.” You get story doctors – true thought partners who help shape your experts’ stories for highest impact. The writers and editors we use don’t just take notes; they provide prompt, decisive recommendations and informed, constructive pushback.

Built for business

The writers and editors we select are business veterans. Most have worked for decades in publishing and strategic marketing. Many have spent years inside business. Some come from management consulting; others have backgrounds in industrial manufacturing, energy, law, defense, financial services, or technology.

Here to serve

Ergo Editorial’s team – and all of the writers and editors we use -- are customer-first people who listen hard, revise readily, and advise with care. We’re also process perfectionists, promoting best practices from beginning to end of every project.
And we’re good stewards of your time and money, working efficiently and advising on efficiencies.

Made to scale up

Need to produce big stuff – like a multi-chapter book or a series of related articles? Ergo Editorial assembles teams of experienced writers for just such projects. Then, our project managers work continually with the whole team, keeping things on time and on budget.

Designed to keep projects moving

Projects run late for all kinds of reasons. Your executives always have to put their clients first. Or maybe someone is out sick.
No worries: Ergo Editorial puts the start back in start-stop. Our team approach ensures continuous resourcing of your critical projects.

Attuned to Consistent Voice

Different folks have different strokes — and clients absolutely notice when writing styles differ. Ergo Editorial’s processes ensure that your strategic content is consistent from end to end in tone, voice and structure.

More than what you’re used to, right?

Meet the Team

Our content creators and editors have distinctive backgrounds in business journalism, management consulting, marketing, and editing. Many on our team have run content businesses or managed thought leadership programs at leading companies. Past employers include The Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, not to mention some of the world’s leading universities and the companies we serve as clients.


John Kerr

John Kerr

Founder & Principal

As founder and leader of Ergo Editorial, John has assembled an ace team of business…

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Mary Brandt

Mary Brandt


Mary Brandt oversees Ergo Editorial’s corporate processes, coordinating project management and editorial support of writers…

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Jeff Garigliano

Jeff Garigliano


Jeff Garigliano is the editorial operations lead for Ergo Editorial, where he works with clients…

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And Here’s A Glimpse Of Some Of Our Writing And Editing Talent

Let us turn your great ideas into lasting impressions.

How We've Helped

Read how our clients benefit from Ergo Editorial’s work



Listen up! We have all kinds of opinions about how
to do this stuff right. No ranting — we promise.

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