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The writers and editors we select are business veterans. Most have worked for decades in publishing and strategic marketing. Many have spent years inside business. Some come from management consulting; others have backgrounds in industrial manufacturing, energy, law, defense, financial services, or technology.

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Projects run late for all kinds of reasons. Your executives always have to put their clients first. Or maybe someone is out sick.
No worries: Ergo Editorial puts the start back in start-stop. Our team approach ensures continuous resourcing of your critical projects.

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John Kerr

John Kerr

Founder & Principal

As founder and leader of Ergo Editorial, John has assembled an ace team of business…

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Mary Brandt

Mary Brandt


Mary Brandt oversees Ergo Editorial’s corporate processes, coordinating project management and editorial support of writers…

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Jeff Garigliano

Jeff Garigliano


Jeff Garigliano is the editorial operations lead for Ergo Editorial, where he works with clients…

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Thought leadership is getting worse (so what can you do about it?)

July 10, 2018 Blog 0 Comments

I think the quality of thought leadership is declining. Here’s what I see as the main sticking points – along with my thoughts on how you can start unsticking things.

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The questions you’ve got to ask before thought leadership gets going

March 7, 2018 Blog 0 Comments

Message for marketers needing to publish new thought leadership: Make sure your authors have their ducks in a row.

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How to do great thought leadership when you’re short on great ideas

March 6, 2018 Blog 0 Comments

Admit it, marketers: sometimes your authors – your subject-matter experts – come up empty. If your thought leadership is flat-lining, it’s time to call in the story doctors.

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Does your thought leadership make readers take action?

March 6, 2018 Blog 0 Comments

It would be great if more strategic content was written to prompt “action this day” – or any day, for that matter.

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The 5 writers you don’t ever want on your thought leadership team

August 8, 2017 Blog 0 Comments

Writers aren’t all manufactured on the same assembly line. Which kind of writer is most valuable to most marketers most of the time?

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Where will your next generation of thought leaders come from?

July 27, 2017 Blog 0 Comments

Who are your current thought leaders? How old are they? And who’ll be authoring the bulk of your company’s thought leadership in 10 years’ time?

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