Intel Tells Stories That Go Beyond Chips

June 27, 2016 Resources 0 Comments

Maybe you associate Intel with the processor that makes your laptop work. On one hand, that’s a triumph of branding: For a slogan from a company that doesn’t actually sell directly to consumers, “Intel Inside” is a familiar idea.

On the other hand, it’s a potential problem. Years after the peak of the so-called Wintel era — when PCs with Windows operating systems and Intel chips dominated — Intel considers itself as a much more diversified technology creator and wants consumers to see it that way, too.

Intel’s effort to shift that brand perception has been going on for a couple of years. But perhaps the most interesting component of this push is only now establishing itself: an internal advertising group, formally started in February 2015, that is in a unique position to crank out stories promoting the most innovative happenings associated with Intel. In an amusing echo of the Wintel era, it is called Agency Inside.

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