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If your success depends on conveying the right ideas in the right ways to the right audience, then we can help.

Big ideas, expressed well, cut through all the noise to help bolster your brand equity, tap new markets, and strengthen relationships with clients, partners and employees.

Ergo Editorial understands the value of ideas and the power of the words that drive them. We believe big ideas are like inventions, while ideas that get to market are innovations that demonstrate real insight and help you pull ahead of your competitors. We deliver compelling content in many forms for senior thought leaders across multiple industries and markets, helping them craft the stories that convey their big ideas with simple but powerful language.

And that’s not all that matters. Of course you want premium content, promptly delivered, but we also add value in how we work with you — collaboratively and efficiently, with your resources and budget in mind. For us, client service is key in every detail of every project, from how we respect your time to how we communicate progress against goals.

Ergo Editorial: The best expression of your big ideas

Right Ideas

The right ideas change how individuals, organizations and markets think and act. We pressure-test your ideas to make sure they stand out.

Right Ways

In the digital age, the platform matters more than ever. We advise and implement on how to deliver strategic content best, whether on paper or your smartphone.

Right Audience

Gatekeepers, influencers, deal killers, buyers … they're all out there. We fine-tune your strategic content so it hits home with your target audience.

Sharp Clients

We help some of the world’s most innovative thought leaders get their big ideas to market.

Ergo Editorial serves and supports leading organizations that sell complex solutions where market education and influence are critical success factors … and where compelling ideas, expressed well, make all the difference.

Our clients are busy C-level executives and senior marketing, research and thought-leadership professionals, who include the world’s sharpest thinkers in management consulting, private equity, and technology. We also work with forward thinkers at institutes of higher learning, think tanks, and NGOs. The topics we cover run the gamut: we’ve produced strategic content in almost every industry and major business function.

Creative Crew

Applying deep topic knowledge? Crafting a great story? Those are
table stakes for the Ergo Editorial team.

Who We Are

Everyone knows a good writer or two. But creating high-impact content calls for much more than just turning a phrase. It doesn’t spring naturally from a degree in English Literature or from years as a journalist.

It comes from an approach that’s all about business — focused firmly on your needs.

Ergo Editorial’s writers and editors are business people who’ve worked not only in publishing and marketing but in sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, technology, and consulting. We’ve grown up developing and promoting big ideas as “ideas people” ourselves. We’ve been top of the class in content development, whether working at Ivy League universities or for Fortune 50 companies.

We’re acutely attuned to your business needs. We act as business collaborators, paying close attention to value, time, and goals to maximize your investment in thought leadership. Working with us, you get prompt and decisive input and constructive pushback when we believe another approach will serve you better. And while we always give our best counsel, you always have the last word. It’s your story, after all.

Put that all together and you get an ace content development team that gives your target audience new perspectives and spurs them to action.

So how does Ergo Editorial stand apart from other shops and
typical freelance writers — in ways that benefit you?

Scale when and where you need it

Ergo Editorial regularly runs well-coordinated teams to produce the “big stuff” — your multi-chapter book or flagship research report. Our project managers keep things on time and on budget by communicating progress clearly and constantly.

Continuity in discontinuous times

Projects run late for all kinds of reasons — like when your senior executives have to be with their clients. Ergo Editorial’s team approach ensures continuous resourcing of your critical projects.

Consistency when one voice matters

Different folks have different strokes — and clients absolutely notice when writing styles differ. Ergo Editorial’s processes ensure that your strategic content is consistent from end to end in tone, voice and structure.

Meet the Team

Our content creators and editors have distinctive backgrounds in business journalism, management consulting, marketing, and editing. Many on our team have run content businesses or managed thought leadership programs at leading companies. Past employers include The Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, not to mention some of the world’s leading universities and the companies we serve as clients.


John Kerr

John Kerr

Founder & Principal

As founder and leader of Ergo Editorial, John has assembled an ace team of business…

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Mary Brandt

Mary Brandt


Mary Brandt oversees Ergo Editorial’s corporate processes, coordinating project management and editorial support of writers…

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Jeff Garigliano
ergo17edited (1)

Jeff Garigliano


Jeff Garigliano is the editorial operations lead for Ergo Editorial, where he works with clients…

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Kepler Knott

Kepler Knott

Market Development

Kepler believes that content should be concise yet tell a compelling story. His writing often…

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Content Creators

Get to know a few of our Ergo Editorial team! If you’re a strategic content specialist with the heartbeat of a customer service star and you’d like to know more about working with Ergo Editorial, please contact us and we’ll respond promptly.

Lauren Keller Johnson

Laurie’s work covers multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, consumer products and transportation. With…

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Bruce Sanders

Bruce understands the relationship between text and visuals to communicate ideas successfully, based on his…

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David Klein

David has more than two decades of experience writing and editing papers and articles targeted…

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Rob O’Regan

Rob helps B2B marketers create strategies for developing engaging and informative editorial content. He has…

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Alice Griffiths

Alice has broad experience writing for consultants and business professionals at all levels and across…

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Wendy Cooper

An award-winning business journalist in a previous lifetime, Wendy knows what makes a great story….

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Harris Collingwood

Harris Collingwood specializes in translating good ideas into engaging, persuasive publications, and his bylined work…

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Kim Burke

Kim’s expertise spans marketing, public relations, publishing, and television. She creates compelling content in all…

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Let us turn your great ideas into lasting impressions.

Big Ideas

The world is awash in information. So you’ve got to communicate the right messages in the right ways. Ergo Editorial is here to help.

These are the kinds of questions that Ergo Editorial can help answer.

Ergo Editorial delivers premium content in a variety of forms for senior thought leaders across multiple industries and markets. We help clients craft the stories that convey their big ideas in the marketplace with simple but powerful language. Our work spans a wide range of traditional and digital media products and services where compelling content matters.

Products and Services

We’ve written about almost every industry and every major business issue or function.

We produce almost every form of strategic content, including:

  • White papers
  • Bylined articles
  • Case studies
  • Research reports
  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • Video scripts
  • Speeches
  • … and more

We provide a range of strategic content services too, including:

  • Thought leadership workshops
  • Thought leadership webinars
  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Training of your next generation of thought leaders

It’s all with an eye to helping you identify, articulate and commercialize your best content, today and tomorrow.

Extra, Extra


Here’s a glimpse of some of the headlines sparked by our work
(and a hint of why our clients keep coming back to us):

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The race for top talent will define the next decade for the luxury and fashion…

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Don’t take our word for it: we’re not the only ones who think about
thought leadership. Check out what Forbes and others have to say.

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Listen up! We have all kinds of opinions about how
to do this stuff right. No ranting — we promise.

How PowerPoint is wrecking your thought leadership

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